Need a New Construction Inspection in Wenatchee, WA?

Our certified home inspector in Wenatchee, WA can help

If you’re building a home, you need an experienced and certified home inspector to ensure the project runs smoothly from start to finish. Enter the home inspector at Klotz Home Inspections. He will:
  • Inspect the home throughout the construction stages
  • Address and fix construction issues as they arise
  • Ensure construction is up to code

Put your trust in Klotz Home Inspections. Our home inspector will do everything he can to keep make your new construction project a speedy and enjoyable experience. Call 509-393-3778 today to learn more.

Are you building your first home?

Are you building your first home?

Homeowners who don’t know a lot about construction are the perfect bait for cheap construction companies. You could witness builders cutting corners in front of your own eyes without even knowing.

Don’t let cheap builders take advantage of you. Hire the Klotz Home Inspections certified home inspector to help. He will walk you through the entire construction process as it unfolds to ensure your needs are met and no corners are cut.

Call Klotz Home Inspections in Wenatchee, WA today to learn more.