Get the Best of Both Worlds With Our Electrician and Home Inspector in Wenatchee, WA

We provide affordable residential electrical work

Our certified home inspector is also an electrician. He knows all the appropriate installation codes to keep your property safe from faulty surges or outages. At your residential property, he can:
  • Repair electrical work
  • Replace electrical work
  • Install new electrical work

Is your electrical wiring up to code? Find out with Klotz Home Inspections. Call 509-393-3778 today to ask about our electrical repair, replacement and installation services.

Add a spark to your new home with electrical installation, repair or repalcement in Wenatchee, WA

Build your new home with confidence in your electrical work by choosing Klotz Home Inspections. Our home inspector is also an electrician who can handle all the electrical installations you need. You can trust him to keep your electrical work up to code and affordable. Call today to schedule an installation appointment in Wenatchee, WA.